Hardware oriented numerics, efficiently implemented

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HONEI is an open-source collection of libraries offering a hardware oriented approach to numerical calculations.

HONEI abstracts the hardware, and applications written on top of HONEI can be executed on a wide range of computer architectures such as common CPUs, GPUs and the Cell processor.

An important aspect of our approach is that the full performance capabilities of the hardware under consideration can be exploited by implementing optimised application-specific operations on top of HONEIs libraries.

HONEI provides all necessary infrastructure for and significantly simplifies the development and evaluation of such kernels.

Additionally, HONEI implements typical numerical operations on vectors and matrices being a basis for many high-level algorithms.


The latest stable version can be downloaded either as zip or tar formats.

Currently, our master branch can be accessed via GitHub.


We have written a tutorial on how to use HONEI.

The README file explains how to install HONEI.





Graph drawing with weighted fruchterman rheingold algorithm:

Showcase image Showcase image Showcase image Showcase image

Relax Solver - interfering wave fronts:

Showcase image Showcase image Showcase image

LBM Solver - partial dam break from a higher reservour to a lower dry area:

Showcase image Showcase image Showcase image


Danny van Dyk (danny.dyk{replace with AT}tu-dortmund.de)
Markus Geveler (markus.geveler{replace with AT}math.tu-dortmund.de)
Dominik Göddeke (dominik.goeddeke{replace with AT}math.tu-dortmund.de)
Sven Mallach (mallach{replace with AT}honei.org)
Dirk Ribbrock (dirk.ribbrock{replace with AT}math.tu-dortmund.de)

(this is to satisfy German § 55 I RStV): Markus Geveler, Charlottenstr. 74, 42105 Wuppertal, Germany, admin{replace with AT - ersetze mit AT}honei.org

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